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Counselling For Teens

Teen sessions

For adolescents there are BIG things that are happening biologically, emotionally, psychologically and socially that can be very overwhelming and confusing for teens to handle and understand on their own.

Often teens are unable to identify what’s wrong or articulate what they’re thinking and feeling. This can be particularly heartbreaking for parents and carers who are desperate to help but don’t know how.

The important thing is, that teens have a space to express their inner most personal thoughts and feelings. In doing so they can process what’s going on inside them, and begin to move forward in feeling happier, more confident and better connected with their environment.

We’ve got you covered

Anxiety including feelings of fear, nervousness, worry or panic

Relationship issues including parents, siblings and overall family dynamics

Social difficulties where teens are struggling with their friendships, or falling for peer pressure

Stress such as feelings of pressure and being overwhelmed

Depression including sadness, loss of interest in things and feeling low

School related issues like poor performance, avoidance, exam stress, academic pressures

Emotional issues where teens struggle to control their emotions

Behavioural issues when teens just don’t see themselves

How we help

We tailor our sessions to meet the unique needs of each individual. This can mean having a combination of individual sessions, family sessions, or parenting sessions to make sure we resolve the issue from all angles.

What does therapy

We are flexible in our approach to therapy. We believe this is the best way of making sure each person gets what they need out of therapy. 

This means that we might talk, role play, use creative methods or incorporate practical strategies into our sessions based on what you need.

How do we get started?

Let’s have a quick chat

Our first session is about getting to know you

We’ll get started on a plan and creating your toolkit

We reflect on your progress and review your goals