We leave the jargon in the textbooks

and keep it real

It’s through meaningful connections that real change starts to happen

Kara started her career working as an Adolescent and Family Counsellor for the Ted Noffs Foundation. She worked with teens, young adults and families who were all exposed to street life. It was through creating very real and genuine connections that Kara was able to see therapy develop into life changing experiences.

Creating a secure relationship where you feel understood and have unconditional support, is the foundation of great therapy! This practice still forms the basis of how we work today. Amazing things happen when someone believes in you, even if you don’t!

Our Founder

“I knew from the beginning that Mindful Me would be a warm and dynamic space. I wanted teens and their families to feel accepted for who they are. I wanted to keep things real- no fancy jargon, no clinical coldness, no judgements. I wanted a space where people could just sit on the couch, speak openly and feel their most authentic self”

What’s a session


At Mindful Me we focus on our sessions being relaxed and fluid. We understand that everyone looks for different things from therapy, and so we make sure to always get on the same page as who we are working with. 

Therapy is always evolving, and as your connection with our therapist grows, they’ll get a better understanding of the methods that work best for you. Some people may like to talk through issues to gain a deeper understanding of a situation, while others may wish to problem solve and come up with strategies and solutions.

We totally get it either way!  And we will always make sessions about what is needed and what is helpful. 

What can we help with?

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