We leave the jargon in the textbooks

and keep it real

Our Team

Christine El Hajj - Headshot
Christine El Hajj
A core belief of mine involves mindfulness and “the element of being aware of oneself”
Photo of Richard Likht
Richard Likht
I find strength in reaching out, connecting with others, and building communities
Photo of Talya Linker
Talya Linker
I believe in a systemic approach to therapy, recognizing the interconnectedness of family dynamics in the healing process
Photo of Annie Woodley
Annie Woodley
It’s so important to have space to reflect on what you think, feel and want
Photo of Kara Markovics
Kara Markovics
It’s through meaningful connections that real change starts to happen
Photo of Scarlett Harrod
Scarlett Harrod
The most important ingredient to lasting change is self-awareness

How we do things

We believe wholeheartedly that connection and really feeling like someone gets you is an essential part of therapy.

We believe this is created when there is a genuine desire to understand someone, and this is something our therapists work very hard to do. We are super relaxed in our approach, so it feels easy and natural when talking in sessions.

We want you to feel comfortable every step of the way.

What can we help with?

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“We knew from the beginning that we wanted Mindful Me to be a warm and dynamic space. We wanted teens and their families to feel accepted for who they are. We wanted to keep things real- no fancy jargon, no clinical coldness, no judgements. We wanted a space where people could just sit on the couch, speak openly and feel their most authentic self”