Everything behind the scenes to ensure a great experience for everybody
Photo of Richard Likht

Tell us about your background?

I’m currently in the midst of studying my Bachelor of Social Work. In the mean time, my availability is quite limited and focused on working with men and teenage males.

When I’m not in sessions, I help with a lot of the administration behind the scenes. I’ll be the person you may encounter offering you a glass of water when you come in, or be texting with whenever an appointment needs to be rescheduled.

It’s important to me to that you feel welcome, safe, and at home in our space. I’m all ears for our visitors and staff as to how to make your experience as supported and comfortable as possible.

So, what are you like

outside of Mindful Me?

I’m always looking for new projects to build/complete around the house.

Between a 1 year old, a dog that loves walks, and a full-time job, please don’t expect me to finish the projects that I start in a reasonable time though!

What are you


I’m currently training to complete my first marathon.

On lazy days, I love board games and jigsaw puzzles (I’ve just started my first 5000 piece puzzle!)