We’re a progressive adolescent counselling practice that connects with teens and families by keeping it real

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What we do as a counselling practice for teens, parents and families


We celebrate the fact that each teen, emerging adult and parent is different and will need different things from therapy. This is why we tailor our approach to individualise every session.

Every journey, whether it’s a teen facing academic pressures, a young adult establishing their path, or a family seeking connection, is distinct and deserves a personalised approach. We move beyond generic therapies; our foundation is understanding and empathy.

Each session is uniquely tailored, focusing not only on challenges but also on unlocking potential and fostering growth. Here, you’re not just a client – you’re an individual, and our mission is to support you with bespoke therapeutic guidance.

When things
change inside,

things change outside

What can we help with?

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Anxiety and

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Separation or Family Breakdown

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School Related

What make us the right fit?

We want you to feel at home. There are no clipboards or sterile rooms. We’re all about creating an atmosphere where you feel relaxed.

Connection is everything. We believe in creating a strong relationship as we are on this journey together.

We celebrate how unique each individual is. That’s why we use a number of different tools and techniques to boost your toolkit to use in the real world.

Come say hi!

Whether you connect with us in our space in Woollahra or online, we create an environment where you feel supported through your most challenging times.

We want you to walk away from each session with new insights and practical strategies that will better help navigate everyday life and lead to long term change.

Feeling welcome and creating a warm environment is so important to us. It’s this safe space that our founder Kara envisioned when opening our counselling practice.

So, what do the numbers say?


of mental health problems occur before the age of 25

1 in 3

teens have experienced an anxiety attack including social anxiety


of teens felt extremely concerned about school or study problems


of teenagers have expressed a struggle in dealing with stress

*Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare