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We specialise in counselling for teenagers aged between 13-18 years of age and young adults aged between 19-25. However, we do see clients outside of those age ranges. Please contact us via the book now and we can discuss further.

This can be a tricky question to answer as it varies significantly depending on the type of issue and the severity of the issue. Short term counselling is really good when there is a very specific problem that needs a resolution, while longer terms counselling is for more complex issues that have been happening for a while. The earlier that you seek counselling the quicker the issue can be resolved.

When teenagers act out there is often an underlying issue at play. Being rebellious is a natural part of being a teenager, however there is a clear difference between acts of rebellion and a teenager exhibiting red flag behaviour.

Red flag behaviour can come in the form of emotional, behavioural, psychological or school related problems. Often red flag behaviour can be seen as changes in your teenager’s personality and demeanour. If you identify any changes in your teen that you consider to be red flag behaviour for them, seeking counselling can be an essential part in helping them.

No, I will not tell your parents everything we discuss in our sessions. I understand the importance of privacy and not wanting parents or other people in your life to know certain things. I respect that and do not tell your parents everything we discuss.

However, when it comes to really serious things about your safety and wellbeing, I will let your parents know if I am concerned about you. This is something we can talk about in more detail together.

Teens often internalise problems rather than talking openly about them, and this can make it difficult to know what’s really going on. There are many reasons to consider counselling for teenagers, some suggestions are listed in adolescent counselling. However, if there are noticeable changes in their behaviour, mood, sleeping patterns, eating patterns and overall disposition, it can be a good idea to seek professional support.

Mindful Me is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in Woollahra. Our address is 5 Fern Place, Woollahra. Entrance is via the side gate, then head on upstairs to our waiting room. We are a convenient 5 minute walk from both Bondi Junction Train Station and Westfield Bondi Junction where you can enjoy up to 4 hours free parking.

One of the biggest issues parents and carers can find, is that their teenager isn’t interested in counselling and doesn’t want to come. It can feel very overwhelming and embarrassing for a teenager or young adult to speak to a complete stranger about problems their having.


As their parent it’s important to acknowledge their worries and explain to them that whilst it might feel strange at first, it will not feel like that after the first session and that it’s important to get support when things are hard.


We always encourage parents and carers to book an initial session where we will discuss directly with your teen or young adult their apprehension and work through those issues with them, answering any questions they may have about the therapy process.


If your teen is completely unwilling to attend and there is no swaying their decision, we suggest for parents to come without their teens. Sessions can be a very helpful place where we can work together and provide you with assistance in parenting your teen, so you are better able to support them during the difficult time they are experiencing.

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What make us the right fit?

We want you to feel at home. There are no clipboards or sterile rooms. We’re all about creating an atmosphere where you feel relaxed.

Connection is everything. We believe in creating a strong relationship as we are on this journey together.

We celebrate how unique each individual is. That’s why we use a number of different tools and techniques to boost your toolkit to use in the real world.