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Grief and Loss
Adjusting to life transitions
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The most important ingredient to lasting change is self-awareness

I’ve been lucky enough to work in quite a few different places with amazing young people.

I started my career as a Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter. I then moved onto working at a Psychiatric Hospital developing and conducting group therapy for teenagers and adults struggling with mood disorders or drug and alcohol issues. This was a super transformative experience for me as it sparked my passion for working with young people.​

Following from there, I worked at Ted Noffs Foundation in their residential drug and alcohol rehab centre for young people which was a job I absolutely loved. I then worked as an Adolescent and Family Counsellor at a non-for-profit called Centre 360. This job allowed me to work in a variety of settings – doing one on one sessions in the centre with teens and their parents, school counselling in various high schools and facilitating therapeutic group programs for the community.

What’s a session


Cool, calm, casual and a touch of creativity. I love to be flexible and think out of the box to help teens and families understand and make sense of their experience and what they’re going through.

It’s important that every teen gets what they need from the sessions. I like to do this by incorporating music, art, crafts, games, meditations, simple strategies and other therapeutic resources in line with clients’ needs. Of course we also do lots of talking in the session.

It super important that you feel comfortable and creating a safe space for you to be able to talk about anything is really important to me. I always want to make sure that we’re going at a pace you feel happy with and we’re talking about the things that you feel ready to.

So, what are you like

outside the therapy space?

I’m a born and bred Manly girl so during the day you’ll find me anywhere near a beach. Either sun baking, swimming or sitting at a local cafe with my girlfriends debriefing about the week over a latte. In the evening I’ll either be at Japanese or Mexican restaurants, or on the couch binging Netflix with a heap of snacks.

Scarlett Harrod

What are you


Anything true crime – you name it –
podcasts, books, tv shows, movies.​

Cooking – pasta and desserts.

I have the biggest sweet tooth and
am a massive pasta fan.