Anxiety and Depression
School stress and challenges
Social Anxiety
Grief and Loss
Academic Pressures and Performance Anxiety
Interpersonal skills and education

Tell us about your background?

I am a passionate registered Clinical Counsellor with extensive experience in supporting the mental health of children and adolescents. I am currently taking my education and training to the next level, being at near completion of my Master’s in Social Work Qualifying.

For many years, I’ve been offering School Counselling services to teens from Year 6 to Year 12, helping them navigate their challenges within the school and social environments through one-on-one sessions, group therapy, and parental support. I’m dedicated to providing tailored counselling and support to youth, working alongside teenagers and their families in a non-judgmental way to understand and address the challenges they face.

My focus is on prioritising my client’s mental health and maintaining their well-being. The impact of my work is evident in the lives of the youth I’ve helped, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives.

What’s a session


My goal is to create a welcoming, safe, and non-judgmental space where teenagers and families can come together and work through any challenges they are facing.

I want you to understand the impact of your emotions, and behaviour, to help you discover more about yourself and your strengths. My sessions are open and personal, and I always see that they are engaging (even if that means whipping out Jenga or Connect Four while we talk and work through current challenges). I’m not here to impose my ideas or be an expert, but to be a companion, listening to and helping you along the way.

So, what are you like

outside the therapy space?

You’ll find me embracing the serenity of long walks by the water with my furry best friend, Biscoff and soaking up the peaceful vibes. To stay energised and focused and relieve stress, I love to contrast those peaceful walks by sweating it out with my number one self-care activity – boxing!

In the limited time I have left, I workshop ideas and record new episodes for my podcast, “Kids and Youth Mental Health Podcast.”

Photo of a podcast being recorded
Photo of Christine with her dog Biscoff

What are you


I love immersing myself in engaging and inspirational audiobooks. Behind closed doors I have a bit of a skincare obsession, so I try out different face masks every week!

Using my podcast as an example, I’m all about embracing what you’re passionate about and finding joy in the little things.