Blending Families for Christmas

As Christmas approaches, many Australian families are avidly putting together their plans, including family meals, gift exchanges and Christmas movie marathons. However, this time of year can be incredibly complex for blended families, who often have to navigate challenges such as agreements, fitting in extended family visits and differing holiday season expectations.   Many enjoy quality […]

Teenage Grief Counselling – Working Through the Holidays

When the holidays roll around, it’s a time of togetherness, family time and memory-making. The festive season is often a time for joy, but for families with teenagers navigating the death of a friend or family member, this season can be filled with tough emotions. As a counsellor who offers teenage grief counselling, I understand […]

Balancing Study and Life: Tips for Teens During ATAR Exams

ATAR exams are incredibly stressful. Your teen likely feels like their future is riding on the score they get, and they may be working extremely hard to get into their dream university. Unfortunately, the stress of ATAR can spell disaster for some teens’ mental health. Encouraging a study-life balance can reduce the risks of overstudying, […]

Effective Tips for Parents to Cut Down Kids’ Screen Time

Teenagers spend a lot of time using devices, and it can be difficult for parents to effectively manage screen time for their kids. The average teenager’s screen time is over 7 hours a day, which is a lot more than the recommended max of 2 hours of sedentary screen time per day.  If you want […]

School Refusal Strategies – Helping Your Teen Return to School

Is your child refusing to attend school, no matter how much you bargain, beg or fight them to go? School refusal is an issue where a teenager chooses not to attend school regularly. It can manifest as your child skipping one or two lessons a day, or can be so severe that they blatantly refuse […]