Social Anxiety
School avoidance or difficulties
Family Therapy
Domestic Violence & Violence Outside the Home
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I’m a strong believer in ensuring each teen feels listened to, supported, and validated

I’ve worked in quite a few different types of counselling roles over the years. I began my career as a school counsellor in New Zealand which I absolutely loved!

Since moving to Australia 10 years ago, I’ve worked as a Teenage and Family Counsellor and a Youth Health Counsellor. I also worked as a Child Protection Counsellor for a specialist trauma service.
I really like to work holistically and look at the entire picture and not just snippets. I also really enjoy working from a narrative therapy perspective where we look at a problem objectively and separate it from the person. It can be so helpful to look at things with a different lens. I also always work from a trauma informed perspective which means that we always take into account really difficult experiences and emotions to make sure the teens and families I work with feel comfortable.

I love seeing my clients leave the room having gained the practical and emotional skills to face their issues on their own

What’s a session


I’m warm, engaging and really relaxed. Building relationships and getting to know the people I am working with is my main priority.

I believe it’s so important to explore what’s really going on under the covers and to work together in finding solutions, or building new skills, for managing difficult experiences or emotions.

I also love being able to provide psychological education around issues people may be facing, as I feel once we have this understanding it really helps to put things into perspective.

So, what are you like

outside the therapy space?

Outside of the therapy space you can usually find me cooking or baking. Cupcakes are my specialty!

Music is also a passion of mine. I love going to local gigs and concerts and discovering new music.

What are you


I’m a real reader and love a good book. I’m always up for good book recommendations!